immigration attorney spokane



immigration attorney spokane
immigration attorney spokane


Welcome to Allium Law PLLC, where our experienced legal team is dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the complex world of immigration law. We are equipped to handle a wide spectrum of cases, ranging from family-based immigration to employment-related cases, and more. We understand the profound implications immigration matters can have on our clients, and our focus remains on the successful and expedient resolution of your case.

immigration attorney spokane

Bring Spouse or Fiancé
to the United States

immigration lawyer spokane

Bring Parent to the
United States

immigration lawyer spokane

Bring Child to the
United States

immigration lawyer spokane

Bring Brother or Sister
to the United States

immigration attorney spokane

Green Card though

immigration attorney spokane

Green Card through
Parent or Child

immigration attorney spokane

Green Card
through Employer

immigration attorney spokane

Green Card through
Humanitarian Visa or

immigration attorney spokane

Citizenship &

immigration attorney spokane

Permanent Immigrant
Visas & Consular

immigration attorney spokane

Temporary Visa &
Consular Processing

immigration attorney spokane

Travel Documents &
Advance Parole Travel

immigration attorney spokane

Immigration Statuses

immigration attorney spokane

Other Immigration
Options & Statuses

immigration attorney spokane

Immigration Waivers

immigration attorney spokane

Appeals & Motions

step 1


Our process at Allium Law begins with an initial consultation to understand your unique situation and needs. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your case in detail, answer any questions you may have, and outline potential immigration options.

step 2

Case Initiation

Beginning your case with us is simple: We create a case plan and email you a contract with a payment plan agreement and an invoice. Once the case contract is signed and the case is initiated, we work with you on gathering all the necessary information and evidence to build a strong case.

Step 3

CASE Preparation

We ensure a successful immigration process by carefully preparing and reviewing your documents. Drawing on our expertise, we tackle potential issues from the start and prepare you for what lies ahead. This step involves a final review and signing appointment where we’ll go over everything together.

Step 4

Case Submission

We prepare your application or petition for submission and mail it or submit it electronically to the appropriate government agency.

Step 5

Case Processing

Depending on your case type, this stage may include biometrics appointments, request for additional evidence from the government, interviews with an immigration officer or hearing before an immigration judge. We will guide you through the specific requirements for your case, prepare you for interviews, hearings or any other interactions with immigration officials, and represent you in these proceedings.

Step 6


At this stage the government will issue an approval or make a final decision on your case. If the government issues an unfavorable decision, we will discuss the appeal options available to you. Such options may vary depending on your specific situation and case type.


At Allium Law PLLC, we pride ourselves on offering trustworthy and experienced guidance for our clients. Navigating the complexities of immigration law can be challenging, but you do not have to face it alone. Our team is committed to understanding your unique circumstances, providing personalized advice, and working tirelessly to safeguard your rights and interests. In every stage of the immigration process, we serve as your dedicated ally, ensuring your voice is heard and your case receives the support that is needed along the way.


Our team at Allium Law PLLC is not only well-versed in the intricacies of immigration law, but also fluent in Spanish and Russian. We comprehend the importance of clear communication in understanding and navigating your legal journey. Thus, we ensure that no language barrier stands in the way of your quest for immigration legal services. Additionally, we offer translation services for a multitude of other languages, furthering our commitment to making our services accessible to a diverse client base. We believe that every individual deserves the chance to understand their rights and explore their legal options, no matter their language.


At Allium Law PLLC, we extend a warm welcome to all individuals and families seeking professional assistance with immigration matters. We are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized immigration services, understanding that each client’s situation is unique. Our dedicated immigration legal team strives to navigate the complexities of immigration law on your behalf, providing supportive legal representation throughout your journey.

immigration lawyer spokane
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immigration lawyer spokane

WHat our Clients say

How long does it take to get a green card?

It depends. It can vary greatly, and generally depends on how someone qualifies for a green card in the first place. If you are the spouse, parent, or child of a US citizen and you arrived in the United States on a visa, regardless of how long you have been here, it may be possible to get a green card without leaving the United States. Those cases can sometimes be processed in about a year, depending on processing times.

How much does it cost to get a green card?

There are usually two fees: 1) the fee paid to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service to process your application, and 2) a fee to your attorney to prepare your case and address all of the potential legal issues that you may be facing when you try to get your green card. There may be issues that will not allow you to get your green card, even with an approved petition from your qualifying relative. It is important to discuss all aspects of your case, even negative ones, with an experienced immigration attorney.

What if I have worked in the United States
without a work permit?

Immediate relatives of US citizens are exempt from being unable to get a green card if they have worked without a work permit. This can certainly have implications for those who would like to adjust status (get a green card), so it is important to address this with an experienced immigration attorney.

What if I used a Social Security number
that wasn’t mine?

This is an important issue to discuss with an experienced immigration attorney. In some cases, if you were not charged and convicted criminally, it should not affect your case. However, that does not mean that you should have used even a ‘fake’ social security number to work.

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